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"We got more thank you calls and nice comments from giving your gift baskets than from any other corporate gift we've ever given. I can't wait until our Christmas order goes out!"
Roberta B, Mktng Admin. Broadcast Telecommunications - Toronto, ON ( November, 2011)

"I wanted to tell you how impressed I was with the customer service I received from your company. You go above and beyond to help me and I really appreciate the personal attention you put into every gift. Today I referred your company to not one but two of my friends."
Michele Moshes, Administrative Assistant - Toronto, ON ( October, 2011 )

"Our clients loved the gifts! You do an amazing job and such a pleasure to work with. Thank you for making me look like a star!"
Tanya Russell, Exec Assistant - Toronto, ON ( September, 2011 )

"Once again you've created perfect gifts - so unique and personal. My clients love them. I keep hearing the same thing from them over and over about how great your products taste, how surprised they are with the quality and how beautiful your packaging is. Just thought you should know! Good job!"
Dorothy B, Real Estate Agent - Toronto, ON ( August, 2011 )

I presented the gift basket you made to the winner of the People’s Choice Award for the Art Show and she as well as the people from the Gallery were very impressed.  In fact, I just received a lovely thank you note from her.
Nancy Nichols, Sales & Marketing Mgr -  Courtice, ON ( July, 2011 )

I just want you to know that you were one of the most upbeat, pleasant, and helpful people I have ever worked with.
David Brent - Pittsburgh, PA ( July 2011 )

Any time I am in a bind and I need a gift put together in a jiffy, Healthy Gourmet Gifts is there to assist me.  Whether it be a kosher basket, get well soon basket, or even a basket for a sick child, they will go out of their way to make suitable choices that are appropriate for that particular person.  I have in turn received wonderful feedback and have been asked by several people where to buy these wonderfully personalized gifts!  I have recommended Healthy Gourmet Gifts to co-workers, family and friends and will continue to do so.
Alayne Langford - Welded Tube of Canada, Concord, ON ( June 2011 )

Thank you very much for the fabulous basket Nikki.  My daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren said the fruit was absolutely delicious and they are enjoying this basket immensely. Thank you and I will certainly be using you again.  This has been an excellent gift which everyone can enjoy.
Margaret Hawkins - New Sarepta, Alberta ( June 2011 )

Your gift basket was a huge hit! Hubby said one of the best presents ever - huge praise. Bob has said more than once, how much he loved his gift. Thanks for your personal touch.
Tracy Wheeler-Anderson - Naosap Harvest, Cranberry Portage, Manitoba ( June 2011 )

I would like to express my gratitude & pleasant surprise for the superb handling of my order by you and your company.  I was extremely apprehensive about ordering online as I'm in Australia and the delivery was in Toronto. I guess the only way I would know the delivery would be made is when my friend calls to thank me.
It was the first time that I had placed an internet order where there is a real person on the other end that has written to me to keep me updated on the process (from pre purchase to post delivery) as well as sent me a photo so that I may see the final product.  This provides an assurance beyond words and a very personal touch to the experience. THANK YOU!!!
Kind regards, Christina Quan - Bondi, Australia ( June 2011 )

The basket was received with great delight.  Thanks for everything, the special attention, etc.  Very pleased to have you on our radar now.
Linda Butler - Butler Ruston Bell Talent Assoc., Toronto, ON ( May 2011 )

Looks gorgeous! Thank you! What a great idea to send pictures of the packaged product.
Jackie Moulson Alexander - Production Coordinator,  Toronto, ON ( May 2011 )

Love that you guys sent pictures!  My mom loved the fruit basket!
Sharon Huang - Washington, DC ( May 2011 )

My mother really enjoyed getting one of your gift baskets again this year. Thanks very much for putting it together so beautifully and delivering it. The pictures and your note to say the courier was on the way with the delivery were much appreciated. You do such a great job of customer service! Again, many thanks. Feel free to quote me. I really value the service you provide.
Gerri Mearns - Elpaso, Texas ( May 2011 )

Looks amazing!!! Better than I thought it would look. Thank you so much for sending the pictures. Much appreciated. Thanks again.
Kimberley Van de Laar - Dundas, ON   ( April 2011 )

Thanks so much for sending the basket and attentive service. My mom LOVED it and called me while snacking on it and licking her chops!
Wendy Dolik - United Kingdom, ( March 2011 )

Very pretty and elegant!  The colours you chose are so appropriate.  I’m certain they will love it!  Thank you so much for your help.  I look forward to the opportunity to work with you again.  Be well!
Madalena Morais - National Sales Account Manager CCR Solutions, Toronto ( February 2011 )

Thanks for the info, she got the gift and really loves it. Thanks again for the wonderful job.
Vadi V - Mississauga, ON ( February 2011 )

You did such a nice job on the gift that you sent for me today. The receiver of the gift was very impressed and happy!  Many thanks.
Nancy P - Quebec ( January 2011 )

All the recipients of the baskets I had ordered from you, loved them!!  They liked the food items in them as well as commented on the unique packaging it was in.  Thanks again :)
Anne Gideon - Professional Organizer Just Get Organized ( January 2011 )

Thank you so much for your update regarding my order and for providing the photos.  I will be able to forward this on to the actual senders of the gift; arranged for my mother from the in-laws.  I was asked to help them find a suitable gift, thank goodness for the internet as we reside in Australia and doing it all online was fantastic. The gift was received as I spoke with my mother in Toronto; she said it was lovely.
Thanks again for everything - wonderful gift basket and service!
Patricia - Australia ( December 2010 )

Thank you so much. Sue was just blown away by your delicious package, to the point of tears.  And I'm just blown away by your commitment, extraordinary customer service and outstanding products.  The way you took so much time with me to ensure the treats were perfect for Sue's complicated situation, well, it just means the world to me.  I can't believe how wonderfully helpful, caring and supportive you've been of both me and Sue.
This was so much more than just ordering some food for someone.  I'm so thrilled that, together, we were able to bring a spot of sunshine into Sue's day.  I bet you didn't even realize that you had packed a big ball of sunshine in there, did you!  I'm very touched by everything you've done, and I plan to stay in touch.  I can't wait to tell all my friends and family to use your fabulous service!  I'm so proud to be a customer!
Sharon McCubbin - Toronto, ON ( December, 2010 )

I wish there was a way to FTD your service worldwide! You have definitely found a product that I've never seen and definitely need. I feel so much better sending baskets that are healthy and actually will promote healing when sent to the sick. The fact that you customize to the illness is way beyond anything offered in my experience.  I always feel like I'm the only customer you are serving.
I was so pleasantly surprised to receive my own basket. The products are delicious and 'guilt' free. Opening an email from you and seeing actual pictures of our orders was over the top. I could pass them on to the executives who were very impressed with the attention to detail, inside the baskets and out.
At all public touch points, you've mastered the marketing and customer service. I've seldom seen such an organized website with so many offerings. Thank you for your terrific service and product and I'm sure we'll have a long business relationship.
Sherrie Johnston - Workplace Safety & Prevention Services, Mississauga ( December, 2010 )

Just wanted to let you know that the basket was a big hit with the recipients.  Thank you for your note - you have a great product and great service.
Andre - Toronto, ON ( November, 2010 )

The welcome baskets you prepare for our residents are second to none!  The fact that you select healthy, low fat, low sugar and low salt items are exactly what our seniors need.  Every basket is unique and well thought out and our residents are thrilled with them.  You are a true pleasure to work with.  Thank you.
Nancy Nichols, Sales & Marketing Mgr - White Cliffe Terrace Ret. Res., Courtice ( October, 2010 )

Thank you.  It's beautiful.  I really appreciate you sending me the pictures.  That is the first time for me.  I hate it when I order something (like flowers), and I don't really know what the arrangement looked like, so when the recipient says "they were beautiful", how do you answer??
Susan Loncar - Fairview Dental Group, Toronto, ON  ( September, 2010 )

These are Marianne's messages (here with her permission) to her lovely friends who sent her a gift basket from Healthy Gourmet Gifts:
So, I get home this afternoon and I am starving!....and guess what I find in the house? This big box....and I am like...'what in the world is this....'OMG! Are you and Bill awesome or what!!!! I am chowing down as I type this. The organic crackers are delish and the chocolates? wellllll...they are done already ! lol I ...LOVE it!!!! merci to you both and lots of hugs and smooches! so excited! xxoo
moments later, she wrote:  "Just opened the Artichoke bruschetta. sssstiiii que c'est bon! lol"
a few minutes later, she wrote:  "Pickled asparagus!!? Shut up! ...Yum!"
a few hours later, she wrote:  "Very nice packaging as well, beautiful and classy presentation.  LOVE it!
Marianne Jacob - Brossard, QC  ( September, 2010 )

I was very impressed with your service from beginning to end.  I will definitely recommend you to my friends and I will be using you in the future when I order gift baskets in Canada.  You can quote me on that, too.  Thank you again.
Linda - Emmaus, PA  ( September, 2010 )

You are truly amazing.  The baskets look great and the pictures are wonderful.  I definitely appreciate that you finished them with such care and precision at such a late hour.  I’m especially grateful that you focused on detail when you had a time crunch to work around.  Thank you!
Averie Huffine - BermanBraun Television Film Digital, Santa Monica, CA  ( August, 2010 )

I have been looking for a great basket company for the last 6 months ever since I moved my business to Durham Region.   I wanted to find a company that not only put together something that looked amazing but had quality products inside their baskets.   I was so impressed by your packaging but even more impressed by what you put in them - delicious, healthy and top quality.   I will use Healthy Gourmet Gifts exclusively for my personal and business gifts.
Vanessa Benedict,  Wealth Advisor - ScotiaMcLeod,  Whitby, ON  ( August, 2010 )

I just wanted to email you to say thank you for preparing the wonderful gluten free gift basket for my birthday. I've only been gluten free for a few months now so I'm still learning the ropes, and this basket certainly opens up the doors to new food options for me to enjoy!
I am thoroughly enjoying my goodies. I cannot believe how many things were included that I've never heard of or seen before. They are beyond tasty and I am enjoying every bite of the goodies in this basket!  I very much enjoy the cashew cookies, and I can't wait to get my hands on more! The pomegranate soybeans are to die for as well :) Your treats are DELICIOUS!
Ashley Ainslie - Newmarket, ON  ( July, 2010 )

Thanks very much! It looks beautiful - I'm sure they will love it. Also, I have to say that I'm really impressed with you sending pictures of the gift - that is a real treat and shows an amazing level of customer service that is not found often. I'll definitely use your company again next time I need to send a gift basket.  Many thanks!
Kyenta – Vancouver, BC  ( July, 2010 )

OMG!  its absolutely perfect!!!   so so pretty!  she is going to be thrilled, I just know it!  I totally will share this website with all my friends and I know Ashley will also -- your attention to detail and to ensuring your customers get what they want, even when they don't know what they want, is outstanding .... I can't wait for her phone call!!!
Please share ALL my remarks on your testimonial page and use my full name --  In this crazy world of ours, it's nice to know there are people who still take the time to care.  Thanks for being one of those people.  Enjoy today and thanks for helping me make her day special!  Warm regards.
Kathy Ainslie - Espinola, ON  ( July, 2010 )

Finally!  Gift baskets that I can feel good about sending to my family and friends.  The gift basket for my mom was absolutely perfect.  She reads food labels now and she's over the moon impressed with the quality of the products and she's enjoyed everything she's opened so far.  She said this stuff isn't for display, she's using it all.  These are no ordinary gift baskets!  Thanks so much.  I'll be ordering again and again.
Amy Robertson - Toronto, ON  ( June, 2010 )

Many thanks for following up on the delivery with your e-mail on Saturday. I appreciated hearing from you.  It may interest you to know that I teach and deliver training on Organizational Communication. I am on a sabbatical right now, but if I were in the classroom this semester, I would undoubtedly be telling my students this week about my experience with you as an example of great communication and excellent customer service.  I will keep my story for future students.  Thanks again. It was truly a pleasure to do business with you.
Gerri Mearns - Elpaso, Texas  ( June, 2010 )

Thank you so much for your personal attention.  It is appreciated. The packaging was perfect, and thanks for the snapshot of the gifts.  Definitely I will use and recommend your site and service in the future.
Yvonne - Toronto, ON  ( May, 2010 )

Thank you for getting the basket out so quickly. I'm sure they'll enjoy it.  I'm sure I'll use your services again!!
Rose - Toronto, ON  ( April, 2010 )

I just wanted you to know that all the healthy gourmet gifts were a huge hit with my family and friends.  People really appreciated having treats that were tasty but quite guilt free.  My sister was very excited that her garlic dressing had garlic from Ontario and not overseas.
Being able to choose online from such a diverse selection really helped us treat our friends & family as the unique individuals they are. The different bags and baskets were appreciated as well. Thanks again.
Nova - Toronto, ON  ( January, 2010 )

The Ultimate Italian Feast is a feast indeed! Spectacular!
Jane - Vancouver, BC  ( January, 2010 )

Trisha loved her basket, cheers!
Rod Samuel - Toronto, ON ( December, 2009 )

Loved the chocolate truffles. At 50 calories for one I was able to have 2 after dinner for dessert. A wonderful way to finish off a meal.
Dmitri Kostick - Toronto, ON ( December, 2009 )

The smoked tuna is life changing, I savored every morsel of it - smoked tuna heaven!
Annellie Samuel - Toronto, ON  ( November, 2009 )

Healthy Gourmet Gifts launched on November 9, 2009.

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